Spot UV Gloss business cards are ideal if you want to highlight your logo, name, text, or anything in the card. This card stock is made with exceptional quality. The gloss of the cards adds a distinguished look that stands out.

One great quality about the UV coating is that it helps protect your cards from dust or dirt. If you are interested in highlighting parts of the card, you will want to consider spot varnish or spot coating. We can use extra glossy coatings for specific areas that need to stand out.

This card is begins as a 16pt Matte or Silk card stock. Once it has been cut by our machine, the custom business card design is printed in full color inks. The Matte, Silk or UV coating is then applied to both sides of the card stock. When this process is complete, the spot UV gloss highlights are applied. The result is a highly individualized unique business card design.

Spot gloss highlighting not only enhances the look of the business card, it also improves the three-dimensional feel. The UV coating is slightly raised, so it can be physically felt and seen when held at an angle to the light. When added to a full color printed Silk or Matte business card, spot UV adds a very dramatic effect and makes the piece stand out from the boring business card genre.

The most popular is Silk paper stock which gives the paper a smooth finish.. However Matte stock is very nice as well adding a Dull/Paper like finish. Silk stock provides a laminated smooth finish that offers a nice and different feel to the customer. Both choices look fantastic and the choice is ultimately the up to you.