The S-T agreements with Japan and China are part of broader U.S. foreign policy policies and should be transformable. Since the end of the Cold War, many other S-T agreements have been signed and the reasons or drivers of these agreements have diversified. The study of what motivates the United States to sign S-T agreements and engage in bilateral S-T cooperation can demonstrate its potential as an instrument of scientific diplomacy. While many S-T agreements have a range of engines, there are four typical motivations behind the U.S. commitment to these agreements. 3.8 Publisher has partnered with CLOCKSS to ensure access to science-journal family content in the event of an unforeseen trigger event, such as a natural disaster. As part of the agreement, content is stored in CLOCKSS ebooks and ebooks via a geographic and geopolitical network of redundant archival nodes in 12 major research libraries around the world. In the unlikely event of an earthquake or other unforeseen scenario that might otherwise restrict access to science-online content, it remains protected and available via the CLOCKSS network. In addition, Libya would be part of a broader effort to reach Maghreb and Muslim-majority countries and improve international public understanding of “American values, policies and initiatives.” 6 From 2004 to 2006, J.-C.

Dobriansky and Claudia McMurray, Assistant Secretary for Oceans and International Affairs in The Environment and Science, travelled to Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco to sign S-T agreements and encourage regional dialogues on S-T issues. These S-T agreements with Muslim-majority nations were acts of goodwill. They have not set up joint commissions to verify progress, nor have they been provided with specific funding. Nevertheless, after the signing of the agreement on Libya, there was some commitment from S-T. For example, a program was launched that brought 24 Libyan high school students to the Alabama space camp to generate interest in mathematics and science and engage younger generations. (However, since the political unrest of the Arab Spring, cooperation activities have been suspended.) The ambition and importance of the facebook electoral commission at the origin, now Social Science One, are only up to the challenges we face in creating the legal, data protection and partnership framework needed to implement it in its entirety.