Under the Fair Work Act 2009 ( Act), the longest period during which additional payments can be requested under enterprise agreements, FTAs and AAPs is six years from the date the right was created. 9 At the end of the negotiation, any review will be conducted in accordance with the principles of this clause. (h) (i) Western Power recognizes that there are alternative ways of working in the construction arm of Western Power. These alternative ways of working will continue to operate, subject to any changes to this clause during the duration of the agreement. There is nothing in this sub-clause 11.1 that prevents staff from accessing the application of the dispute resolution process of this clause. This clause does not apply to employees whose work patterns change by moving to a new work area where different ways of working are processed for transfers, promotions and redeployments. 12. Overtime 12.1 Overtime If workers are required to work overtime beyond the normal hours of work prescribed in the 8-hour clause or normal hours of work outside their normal hours, as prescribed by their respective work schedules, they are paid for overtime from Monday to Friday – time and half for the first two hours. Subsequently, double the time and total working time between 10 p.m. and the employee`s usual departure time the next day applies. However, double time does not apply when a worker starts overtime within 1.5 hours of the usual departure time; Saturday before 12 o`clock – one and a half hours for the first two hours and twice after; After 12 hours on a Saturday and Sunday full-time; Public holidays – double one and a half hours based on the calculation of all hours of work as part of the worker`s recognized daily working time using time and half in addition to the days that the worker would normally have received on a normal work day; However, all overtime must be paid by appointment and, in exceptional cases, leave may be granted instead of overtime.

When the break is taken, the time is calculated with the same formula as the applicable overtime rate. If the deadline is not within one month of the issue For whatever reason, payment is made for the worker`s rest time after overtime. the number of overtime hours between the end of normal work one day and the start of normal work the following day is such that the worker has not had at least 10 consecutive hours of leave between those hours, is released at the end of those overtime hours until the worker has ten consecutive hours off duty without losing wages for normal working time during that absence. Page 9 20 (i) (ii) (iii) In the event of longer service holidays, halve their fees and receive the double payment they would normally have received. Get the salary instead of their right to long service leave. Take half the salary and double vacation only where the company can stay in the requirements of the company. This option is only available for employees with 8 weeks or less of other accrued leave or when another leave is taken in connection with long service leave, resulting in a vacation balance of 8 weeks or less. (e) (f) The right to long-term leave will apply and will apply in accordance with current long service Leave Act 1958 (WA) legislation. For the purposes of this agreement, sub-clauses 22.3, and the corresponding provisions/claims are predominant in the legislation. Where a worker is entitled to long-term leave and has been entitled to long-term leave for more than three years, Western Power may order the worker to take the right within 12 months, unless another agreement has been reached.