10. Scruples: It is true that you can agree to give up your right to inherit from your spouse, which you would have the right to do after the death of your spouse, even if he or she has excluded you from a will. You can sign your spousal pension entitlement if you end up in divorce court, even if your spouse earns ten times more money than you. You can even accept that your spouse receives the entire property and you will receive all the bills if you want to do so. But if the deal is so grossly unfair that one party would face serious financial hardship while the other prospered, it is unlikely that the court would impose it. In principle, “unscrupulous” contracts are generally considered invalid and pre-marital agreements are no exception. Marriage contracts recommend individual legal assistance for both parties and a lack of experienced lawyers can be another reason why a marriage contract may be unenforceable. The laws surrounding divorce can be complicated and can change. The state allows you to give contractual rights that would otherwise be granted to you if you had not had a marriage; However, the state wants to make sure you understand the rights you are giving up. If you decide not to have a lawyer who thinks it`s easy to get out later, that`s a bad position.

The counter-argument is that you had the opportunity to have a lawyer, but you voluntarily chose not to. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse if you have had the opportunity to get information and advice. If you`re the future spouse who wants the marriage, you may want to invest a few hundred dollars in a separate lawyer for your better half, to make sure they can`t argue later that they didn`t understand what they gave up. Marriage contracts can be a tool to preserve the wealth that is placed in a marriage. These agreements must be in writing and signed by both parties to the marriage. Marriage contracts are unenforceable if one party has not entered into the contract voluntarily, if the contract is unscrupulous in its performance or if the party has not been properly disclosed of the property or financial situation of the other spouse and has not had the opportunity to know this information. While marriage contracts are generally enforceable, this is an exception. .