You get this event if you have worked on the problem of conspiracy traders. Trade in dagger signs: Community -2, Loyalty -5, stability -3, allows trade agreements with the dagger. Let them continue with the support of the day before: Loyalty -5, Economy `4` and Stability `3 Each event has a level of difficulty. To successfully resolve the event, the advisor must ride a higher number than the difficulty level of the event. The councillor`s postal capacity is added to the roll of the dice. Realm`s statistics, for which the consultant is responsible, add an additional 2 points per rank to each role. This role occurs when the event is dissolved. In rare cases, an advisor may reduce or increase the difficulty level of an event by a few points, such as the Grand Diplomat for the Tragedy At The Mine event. This is represented by the fact that the top left corner of the advisor`s card is highlighted in green (to reduce the difficulty level) or in red (to increase the difficulty level) on the advisor`s selection screen. On the axis of the Good Evil: `3, to resolve situations with the regent for a kingdom with good orientation; Razmiran`s story is short because it is the youngest nation on Avistan`s face. Razmir came here first in 4661 AR, stopping in the city of Xer, then visited part of the Duchy of Melcat, where he began to impose his reign. He began to supplant the local magistrate and the parasitic guilds.

Few the people knew that they were murdering the judge and integrating deviant commercial guilds into the priesthood of his new religion. Razmir`s popularity slowly increased until he controlled much of the Duchy of Melcat. Soon, the only part of the former duchy that was not under his control was its capital, Aerduin. Razmir himself surrendered to Aerduin and made three vows of loyalty to the Duke of Melcat, all reprimanded. That night, Razmir brought out a terrible cloud of burning fire and smoke that ignited over the city. The cries of the dying reverberated all night, and in the morning the city was nothing but ash and ruin. Since then, the Razmiran Nation has expanded its border five times, each time at the expense of a neighbouring river kingdom or a county of Ustalav. [2] Razmiran is a kingdom dedicated to its tyrannical ruler, Razmir, who claims to be a living God. He claims that he reached his divinity by passing the test of the stellar stone and that he now claims Razmiran as his own. Unknown to many inhabitants of his deificc empire, this is a lie. Razmir is nothing more than a powerful arkanist who does not repent when he incites an entire population to worship him as an almighty god. The day-to-day leadership of the country itself is provided by the priests masked by gold, who have attained the rank of the fifteenth step vision.

These priests come from all walks of life; Some are fierce warriors, while others are powerful magicians. Most citizens obey them without a doubt, for many are just malevolent sadists who seek an excuse to sacrifice the oppressed. Although Razmir`s erratic proclamations are still enforced, they have little to do with the daily course of the country. Razmir gives these orders from a throne of thirty-one. Each of the steps is supposed to be one of the steps Razmir went through to reach the deity.