Rank 6 Relationships: The Black Marquis of the Rank 4 Event caught his attention elsewhere. If you agreed to the trade deal at the Tier 3 event, Razmiran spies have made some of your powerful and influential subjects addicted to drugs. If you rejected the trade agreement in the Tier 3 event, you will not receive that part of the event. Razmiran has bad relations with the three nations that border it. To the north is the haunted Ustalav, to the south the elven port of Kyonin and to the east the river kingdoms, to which Razmiran once belonged. [4] [6] Economy Class 1: The treasurer will ask you how to manage the treasures left in the basement of the Hirschlord: -10% on the cost of the buildings with a static community bonus. Razmiran is bordered by three different areas with which he does not have good relations. To the north Ustalav haunts, to the south the oasis of the kyonin elves and to the east are the river regions, to which Razmiran once belonged. The greatest geographical feature of Razmiran is the sublime forest in the center of the country.

A secret fortress dedicated to the cult of Razmir is located in the middle of the forest, giving the place a bad reputation. [2] [3] [3] [4] 3 to resolve situations with two advisors based on the orientation of the kingdom: Razmiran is a kingdom dedicated to its tyrannical ruler Razmir, who claims to be a living god. Rank 2 Relations: There is an offer for a razmiran trade deal. None of your consultants will give an opinion on this. This event of the Kingdom unlocks the projects: a) commercial agreement with Galt and b) commercial agreement with Gralton. Defeat Vordakai at Vordakai`s tomb in Act 4 with Tristain in your group. Military rank 7: Representatives of three military groups came to offer their services, you need to choose one. You can vote after discussions with all three representatives. Stability Rank 1: The Guardian asks for advice on how to deal with threats to settlements. This throne room event unlocks the project: Laying the foundation stone (-10% cost for buildings with a static stability bonus). Before his fall, Lastwall`s rulers closely monitored Razmir and his clergy and did not want his citizens to be distracted from their main task of monitoring Belkzen`s grip and the whispering tyrant`s prison. [10] After the collapse of Lastwall, an agreement was reached with Tar-Baphon that guaranteed respect for their mutual territories.

It is rumored that the corpses of the nation will be handed over to the undead lord as part of this arrangement. [11] Culture Rang 4: The curator offers you the opportunity to support a young composer, Larzio. This is the first of several decisions related to the Larzio Opera, and your decisions will affect the results of the Tier 9 event. The Throne Room event also unlocks the project: Improving Cultural Development (-15% on the cost of buildings with a static cultural bonus). Spying Rank 6: The problems with Galt and Gralton were a setup. You have to examine your people to discover the spies. This unlocks the event: Clean up the ranks [Treasurer, High Diplomat, High Priest]. Economy Rank 5: The treasurer tells you about placing customs offices in ports to end the black market. This throne room event unlocks the project: Improvement of the economic situation (-15% on the cost of buildings with a static economic bonus). Razmiran is an empire dedicated to its tyrannical ruler Razmir, who claims to be a living god. He claims that he attained his divinity by passing the Starstone test and now claiming the Razmiran as his own.

For many inhabitants of his divine kingdom, this is a lie. Razmir is little more than a powerful Arcanist who feels no remorse when he gets an entire population to worship him as Almighty God. The real daily life of the country is led by the golden masked priests who have reached the rank of the vision of the fifteenth stage. These priests come from all walks of life; Some are fierce warriors, while others are powerful sorcerers. Most citizens obey them without question, as many are just vicious sadists looking for an excuse to intimidate the oppressed. Although Razmir has little to do with the day-to-day affairs of the country, Razmir`s unpredictable proclamations are still being enforced. Razmir issued these orders from a throne of thirty-one steps. Each of the steps is supposed to represent one of the steps Razmir took to reach divinity. On this throne, he hides his aging figure behind an elaborate ivory mask. [2] Razmiran is home to a small colony of chained lowlings who were trained from youth to serve the will of the clergy. It is believed that it is the descendants of the torturers of Velstrac who are used to convince dubious followers. However, razmiran priests never confirmed such treatment of evil strangers.

[14] Razmir temples are located throughout Razmiran, but have also spread to several neighboring river kingdoms, Molthune, Nirmathas, and Ustalav. .