At no additional cost to cardholders, improvements to travel medicine, travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance will be seen. This unique welcome bonus offer from a Buddy Pass Bonus is only valid for cardholders. You are not entitled to the welcome bonus offer of a buddy pass if you have already opened a credit card of the same type of Aeroplan program, regardless of the credit card issuer and the welcome bonus offer in the last 12 months. This offer can be changed, cancelled or extended at any time and cannot be combined with other offers. I have an infinite visa tdiplan. I bought a ticket for my wife and son to go to Japan. But with Japan with the coronavirus. I want to cancel. Does the visa aeroplan cover this infinitely? Hello If I use my TD infinite points to buy a trip on expedia, I still have medical insurance and canx, as if I usually have to book and pay with my infinite card visa? Hello, my trip was cancelled because of covid19. It was booked well before March 13.

I contacted 1-866-374-1129 and was told: “I am not allowed to return the travel cancellation because the airline offers” credits “. I cannot claim a refund until the time I use my flight credits has expired (at the end of the year).” I have travel insurance and I have first class travel infinitely CC. Question: How can I get back the money I paid for the trip? Hello, my mother has all three booked our trips in her visa to the infinity Aeroplan card. We are now stranded in India, and the government has provided us with flights for $3000 per person to Canada, we also have to pay for a bus to the airport and hotel, I was wondering if we were all insured for something. How does travel insurance work in the event of a travel disruption? We`re already here before the travel advice and we`ve been trying to leave since he got out without luck. Thank you Hello, we booked our trip via Expedia for TD with my husband`s TD travel visa credit card. We are due to visit Tel Aviv in early April. Israel, however, has announced a 14-day self-quarantine regime for coronavirus for all foreigners who arrive in Israel on March 12.