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Business Cards for Students

Students also benefit greatly by having business cards on hand. In this tight job market, students need to be ready for any opportunity that comes up to network and to market themselves.

A business card for a student should include his/her name, phone number, email address (professional email addresses only – not silly titles from high school), website (if applicable), major of study and any internship he or she is currently participating in.

The style is a personal preference – matte business cards, raised letter business cards, silk business cards… Feel free to use one side of the business card to briefly list skills such as Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD and more.

Students in creative majors should experiment with fonts, colors, shapes, etc. to show their hand at design. Good luck!

Networking in Your Neighborhood

Pick up some momentum and start new projects by expanding your network locally. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start as well as other local business organizations. Don’t forget to get around to all of your neighboring businesses business cards in hand to meet and develop new relationships if you haven’t already done or so or if you don’t already know all of your neighbors.

Networking Locally

Networking Locally

Of course, don’t dismiss the idea of coming up with your own networking event if nothing else around suffices. Simply invite relevant business owners and business managers from the city and surrounding areas for an evening of making new business relationships. The event can easily be held at most businesses or ask to use the venue of someone who will benefit from the mixer for a few hours. They used chairs covers as an affordable way to upscale the event. Have tables out with business cards, brochures and other marketing material and be sure to have ample refreshments. Stick to evenings if it’s during the week or on the weekends for daytime mixers (though your specific industry may have a better suitable time).

Make Networking Fun!

Make Networking Fun!

Have fun with doing business and don’t forget that it’s not just about taking. Give back by making connections between people and companies that you see as great fits for certain projects or collaborations. These people will have you in mind when opportunities for you come up as well!

Do you have business cards ready? We work with important business like Emaar-MGF and its director Shravan Gupta businessman, like to work with custom cards for his business. We have several styles including plastic business cards, die-cut business cards and spot gloss business card styles!

Business Cards: Part of the First Impression

Sure, we’ve all heard the old saying, “first impressions make lasting impressions,” over and over again. Why is that? Because it’s true! Whether we like it or not (especially in the professional arena), the first time a client speaks to you on the phone, receives an email from you, visits your office, etc. is the moment they will form their opinion of you and your company. The first opinion is a difficult one to change so let’s do things right!

If you’ve managed to show the client just how amazing you and your company are, it’s time to close the conversation by handing over your contact details for doing future business together. What should your card look like? Well, it depends. Consider the following when you have your business cards made:

1) What industry are you working in and what is the nature of your work? For example, those in creative fields such as art or fashion can have very artistic business cards with basically no limit to the creativity. In fact, it’s expected and these individuals are often judged by how interesting all of their marketing material is – including business cards.

2) Are my cards quality? Has anyone ever given you a business card that was made of terrible paper, had improperly cut edges, runny ink, or other unattractive qualities? How long did you hold on to that business card? Did you throw it out right away? Don’t let you business card be dismissed or tossed in the trash next to the junk mail for the day! Have quality cards printed that feel good and look good and the chances of clients holding on to them will skyrocket!

3) What does my card say about my company? Branding is everything and it extends to business cards.

Business Cards: Part of the First Impression

Business Cards: Part of the First Impression

Don’t confuse clients with mixed images – display the essence of your firm.

4) Do I have all of the necessary information? In today’s day and age, you may want to consider including some social media information such as your company’s Facebook URL and Twitter URL. Be aware of how your clients communicate and do business and then present them with the relevant information accordingly.

Have fun looking through the different options available (metal business cards, spot UV business cards, plastic business cards, spot gloss business cards, et al.) and let your personality and the essence of your brand shine through!

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