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Business Networking Tips

These tips can help you make the most out of your next business networking experiences.


  • Take the time to introduce yourself to the organizer of the event or the members of the organization that is hosting the event. These contacts are aware of who all of the participants are and they can help direct you to people who may be important contacts for you based on your business, your current projects, etc.
  • Always be prepared with sufficient business cards. Running low? You can order styles ranging from high gloss business cards to raised letter business cards from!
  • Don’t base your networking experience on quantity over quality. Make good connections and have real, engaging and worthwhile conversations. Running to meet every person in the room to disperse as many business cards as possible won’t get your worthwhile results and it can put others off.
  • Keep conversations light and friendly.
  • Remember that you may know someone who you can connect with someone. Business networking is about giving as much as it is about gaining quality contacts.

Raised Ink Business Cards

Garner Attention with Raised Letter Business Cards

Raised Ink Business Cards

Have you ever considered raised letter business cards for your next business card style? What makes these business cards unique is that they feature lettering or other prints that are raised which gives them a unique texture. Besides the great feel of raised letter business cards, these cards are also wonderful for attracting attention from views alone. The raised ink portions draw the eyes to key imagery or words you’d like to be sure to highlight immediately for your business card recipients.


Raised Letter Business Cards

Raised Letter Business Cards Raise the Bar

Have you heard of raised letter business cards? These styles allow you to put the focus on key words or pictures on your business cards so they will attract more attention. These figures literally stand out from the paper of the business cards with a raised texture.

Raised Letter Business Cards

Raised letter business cards are appropriate for a number of industries and the color and style possibilities are plentiful. Choose from 1-2 color or full color business cards and choose from a variety of textures such as white matte business cards or smooth white linen business cards and custom options are available such as adding foil or printing business cards vertically.

Save the Date!

S+D093There’s a popular new way to invite guests to weddings – via business cards! Wedding business cards may be used to replace traditional invitations or be given as a supplement to invites as a mini reminder that can easily be tucked into the wallet for fast access for reference of the wedding day details.

Be sure to print the business cards, invites and other materials all in the same or complementary printing styles to keep the look unified, professional and beautiful. Raised letter business cards are one of the best options for wedding business cards such as the pictured example. It makes for a great look balancing visual appeal with fine texture. Raised letter business cards have many options including different color ink and different paper styles such as linen. Even foil may be added!




Raising the Bar with Raised Letter Business Cards

Don't they look great?!

Don’t they look great?!

Are you looking for a new design element to make your business cards stand out? Why not experiment with texture via raised letter business cards?

A Little Lesson

Raised letter business cards are printed using a special heat technology (thermography) so that the end product results in letters in ink that are higher than the actual surface of the paper.

Why Choose Raised Letter Business Cards?

The cards look incredible and they also feel incredible. They show attention to detail and professionalism and they look just as great with a monochromatic color scheme (such as white on white) or with the use of varying colors.

1-2 color raised letter business cards start at $32 and full color cards start at $55.

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