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Business Networking Tips

These tips can help you make the most out of your next business networking experiences.


  • Take the time to introduce yourself to the organizer of the event or the members of the organization that is hosting the event. These contacts are aware of who all of the participants are and they can help direct you to people who may be important contacts for you based on your business, your current projects, etc.
  • Always be prepared with sufficient business cards. Running low? You can order styles ranging from high gloss business cards to raised letter business cards from!
  • Don’t base your networking experience on quantity over quality. Make good connections and have real, engaging and worthwhile conversations. Running to meet every person in the room to disperse as many business cards as possible won’t get your worthwhile results and it can put others off.
  • Keep conversations light and friendly.
  • Remember that you may know someone who you can connect with someone. Business networking is about giving as much as it is about gaining quality contacts.


The Reasons Behind the Popularity of Spot UV Business Cards

Did you know that spot UV business cards are some of the most popular business card styles? There are a number of factors contributing to why this is so.


  • Spot UV business cards offer seemingly endless design and color options.
  • Spot UV business cards blend the best of matte business cards and high gloss business cards for a standout and attractive look.
  • These business cards can be customized to feature different shapes (i.e. rounded corners).

High Gloss Business Cards

High Gloss Business Cards Get Noticed

Looking for a sure way to get your business cards noticed? Consider attractive high gloss business cards for a quick way to turn heads and to show your high level of professionalism and care for details.

High Gloss Business Cards

High gloss business cards are smooth and shiny and they do a great job of really showing off whatever vibrant colors you choose for your business card designs. Play up the most important parts of your business card as well as your brand’s logo for a memorable impression on customers, clients, suppliers and potential collaborators alike!


High Gloss Business Cards

What Do Your Business Cards Say About Your Company?

Have you ever thought about what your business cards say about your company? What message do your cards convey? In order to have a solid brand that customers and clients can rely on, it’s necessary to spread a consistent message.

Your brand message can be relayed via your business cards with thoughtful design, color choice, fonts, your company logo and even extras such as your company’s motto or slogan and photos of your business or products. Once you’ve made sure the design is consistent with your company’s image and goals, you can prepare to have great business cards printed!

High Gloss Business Cards

The choices for business cards are numerous so you’ll have plenty of options like linen business cards, high gloss business cards, thick business cards, rounded corner business cards and more!

Business Cards for Students

Students also benefit greatly by having business cards on hand. In this tight job market, students need to be ready for any opportunity that comes up to network and to market themselves.

A business card for a student should include his/her name, phone number, email address (professional email addresses only – not silly titles from high school), website (if applicable), major of study and any internship he or she is currently participating in.

The style is a personal preference – matte business cards, raised letter business cards, silk business cards… Feel free to use one side of the business card to briefly list skills such as Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD and more.

Students in creative majors should experiment with fonts, colors, shapes, etc. to show their hand at design. Good luck!

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