If you’re trying to find a look that will really set you apart from your competitors in terms of business card presentation, you should take a look at Inline Foil Business Cards.  Adding foil to the business card opens up a whole variety of creative design opportunities that simply aren’t available when you are limited to ink on paper.  Inline Foil business cards have 3 big benefits over traditional business cards:

  • That Stand Out Look – Inline Foil business cards just have a certain visual pop to them.  Studies show that people are much more likely to keep cards that are visually interesting and appealing, making them a great choice.
  • Reasonable Cost – Inline Foil business cards won’t break your wallet.  While they aren’t as cheap as plain cards, they also aren’t as expensive as some of the crazier options that are available.
  • Impression of Quality – When you spend on extras like foil business cards, you really communicate an impression of quality to people you interact with.

As you can see, Inline Foil business cards are a great choice for the savvy business person who wants to make an impression, but doesn’t want to pay through the nose to do so.  Check with Accept Print about Inline foil business cards today.