Learn more about the DEAL project or discuss with your university/library how they are managing this agreement. The Springer Project DEAL agreement includes publishing fees for Springer hybrid magazines and, from August 1, full open access publication (see below). The corresponding authors, affiliated with German institutions, can publish their open access research results at Springer. Please email us at oa.verification@springernature.com if you need additional support. In January 2021, there will be a full open access stream through which UC libraries will pay at least the first $1,000 for open access fees (item processing fees or PCAs), for all subscription and open access titles in the Springer-Natur portion of the Springer-Natur portfolio, as shown in the table below. If a balance is due for the fee, the Springer Nature payment system will ask UC authors if they have research funds to cover the balance. This cost-sharing model should enable UC libraries to spread out their available resources and support as many authors as possible. One of the key elements of the new agreement announced, includes Publishing Perspectives, is that a new approach is intended to give new impetus to open access, unlimited online access to scientific research articles. This is the result of an international conference in Berlin that launched a process of converting subscription magazines to open access. The key lies in the hands of scientific institutions and their sponsors: public funds currently spent on magazine subscriptions should be converted into open access publishing funds. The publication aspects of the agreement will be implemented in three phases. Articles published in BMC or SpringerOpen magazines until July 2020 will be billed to your institution`s BMC membership.

All articles that will be published from August 2020 will be identified as part of the new agreement and will be billed to DEM DEAL (even if they were previously submitted under your membership). Phase I: Once an author identification mechanism is in place by the end of 2020, if you are a corresponding UC author of a Springer Nature article in one of the authorized magazines, Open Access will be the default option for you when you adopt your article. Indeed, UC libraries have already paid Springer Nature a full subscription fee for the 2020 calendar year. In 2021, library licensing fees will be converted into assistance fees for open access items. You can continue to disable Open Access and post your subscription article (pay-to-read) if you wish. Open-Access Plan S to allow publication in each Magazine Springer Open Choice is a hybrid open-access model that allows authors to publish open access in subscription magazines. If your institution agrees with Springer Compact, you can publish your Open Access article in Open Choice magazines for free. The process of identifying the authors will be somewhat different for the new agreement.

For BMC members, legitimate authors are identified during submission. For the open access contract for Germany, identification is carried out at the receiving point.