My neighbour still disagrees with the fence and does not let the owner cross the border when the fence is built. Can you do it? Yes, yes. But if that`s the case, you can apply for an order from a district court or court for anyone who builds the fence to enter your neighbor`s property at appropriate times and do whatever is reasonably necessary to build the fence. If you do not agree with your neighbour on the work to be done for a separation fence, you must give a closing notice to your neighbor. To do this, you need to be able to find the person who owns the property next door. A fence that violates local fencing laws may remain in the following circumstances: this is important. The subdivision developer generally ensures that there is a fence belt when selling sections, so he or she is not responsible for the cost of adjacent fencing. In the absence of such an agreement, they would be bound by fencing law. If you or your neighbour want a separation barrier greater than a sufficient separation barrier – such as a higher fence or a more expensive material – whoever wants it pays the difference in cost between a sufficient separation barrier and the highest level. Otherwise, if you agree, you can split the cost of the standard fence higher. You can disable this problem if you address the problem in your fencing notice. In this way, the court may authorize you or anyone mandated by you to build the fence, at the first hearing, to enter your neighbour`s property. As a general rule, owners of adjacent land must contribute equally to a separation fence.

The fence standard to which you must contribute is a “sufficient separation fence” that depends on the circumstances. The Fences Amendment Act provides that the rules relating to the donation and taking of fences do not affect land ownership or possession of land and do not result in negative possession. You can also check who is responsible for the maintenance of the facility and the fences/doors (z.B. if it is 50/50 or if you are responsible for everything). In many municipalities, for example, a fence between residential real estate cannot be made from barbed wire or shaving wire. It can`t be electrified. Last year, the neighbours built a basin on their section, but directly on the other demarcation line, but they installed a sewer line directly on our existing fence line and also concreted a small area up to the existing fence.