It is important to carefully consider the requirements for the area in which you wish to sail with your charter company. Depending on availability, short or extra days are offered at a price of one-fifth of the weekly price, with a minimum of half the weekly price. For the weekend, we reserve the right to transfer you to another yacht with the same or more mooring if the yacht of your choice is a full week of booking. We do not accept bookings of less than 3 days. To avoid doubts – skippers and charterers are usually the same person, but this is not a requirement. This is the person who is listed as a skipper, that is, the person who commands the ship and is fully responsible, and the people on board who must have the qualifications and experience, not the charterer. 1.2 The down payment is made as a down payment to secure the vessel for the charter period and will be paid to the owner upon signing of this agreement. If the advance is paid by the charterer, the owner agrees not to enter into any other charter agreement for the vessel for the same period. The balance will be paid to the owner no later than the date shown here on that date. The deposit and/or payment of fuel and accident are paid to the owner before the start of the charter period. Sail Charter International offers yachts and charter boats around the world, with a simple option to search for your own offers and discounts with our YachtSearch option; or ask us directly to find a selection of boats for you with our QuickQuote option: YOU choose what is best for you, with a quality advice service to support your choice. “Bareboat Skipper” refers to the person you have designated, who is responsible for the chartered vessel for the duration of the cash charter. 4.6 In the event of major damage to the vessel during the charter period, which entitles the vessel to insurance, or in the event of a failure of equipment or machinery that renders the vessel unfit to sail or unusable, a pro-rata credit is made for the period: in the event that the vessel was not in a state of navigation or unusable, or (if the charterer chooses to do so and the charter permit subsequent), the charter period is extended by the period during which the charterer or a member of his party did not cause or contribute to the injury or breakdown, and also provided that the owner does not provide any further compensation for the resulting damage or duplication or financial or other means.

unless damage or breakdowns are caused by the owner`s negligence and lead to death or personal injury. (Engine failure in an auxiliary yacht is not considered unfit for the vessel under this agreement). 5.22 The interior of the vessel is returned in the same condition as at the time of the first handover. Outdoor cleaning is not normally required by the customer, as the company expects to perform a normal exterior cleaning after each charter. If an additional indoor cleaning or exterior cleaning is required, a fee of $50 per hour is charged. 5.24 If the vessel returns late and the following charter is affected, all costs related to the cost are borne by the customer. Offer is also available for all repeat customer bookings and IS combined with other offers and discounts in progress at the time. Even if there is already an advantageous offer of z.B. 40% on a charter, YOU can get an additional 5%…!!! The offer discount is deducted from the amount of yacht rental, cannot be applied to other items/products and is not interchangeable and is not transferable.