Use this form if both parties agree to terminate a lease. The rental contract is the most important document: it serves as a legally binding contract between the landlord and the tenant and describes the conditions of tenancy. It is a compulsory contract signed by both the landlord and the tenant and which usually contains specificities such as the duration of the rent, the rental price, the terms of payment, the restrictions (for example. B pets, subletting, etc.). The landlord must provide the tenant with a copy of the signed and dated tenancy agreement within 21 days of signing. Owners are required to provide a written copy of the rules of the host fleet produced (if any) before signing the rental agreement. It is a good idea for the landlord and tenant to review the rules before signing the contract. The assignment or subletting of the lease (form 3) Landlords must use this form when allowing a tenant to sublet or assign his lease. This form is accompanied by a copy of the current lease. Notice of rent increase for a fixed-rent apartment in the possession of a non-profit landlord (form 1B) (updated – effective March 1, 2013) A landlord must use this form or a clean form containing all the information required to inform tenants of rent increases. Landlords can use this form with the notification of 10 days of termination of the lease agreement for the unpaid rent or RTB-30 utilities to request a possession order and an order of money for the unpaid rent or utility company when the tenant has not paid the amount due or has not asked the rental office to revoke the termination within 5 days of receipt. Inventory of the Tenant`s Abandoned Property (Form 12) A landlord must complete this form if a tenant has left the property.

Notice to Tenants – Service Reduction/Withdrawal (Form 8) (new effective March 1, 2013) A landlord must use this form to notify a tenant if a service included in the rent is reduced or withdrawn (for example. B the tenant had a basic cable and the landlord removes this service) Use this form to ask an arbitrator to correct any obvious errors or risks. Landlords must use this form to issue a notice of termination of the lease for unpaid rent or incidental costs. As an owner, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of rental forms to effectively manage and operate your rental properties. Starting with the residential lease form, as well as the condition inspection report and the form of dispute resolution, these documents will ensure that you are fulfilling your tenancy obligations in accordance with B.C. laws. Communication on the increase in tenant services (form 15) A landlord must use this form or its own form that contains all the information required to inform tenants of rate increases for tenant services. Tenants can use this form to make their transfer address available to the landlord in writing. Leases must comply with the residential lease agreement (external link) and the rental price law (external link). 2. One month of termination at the end of the lease – This applies when the tenant failed to pay rent, caused damage to the property, disturbed the neighbourhood/other tenants, provided false information or illegally sublet the unit. Termination by the landlord for non-payment of rent (for all residential rents, except rentals that are a mobile home, the mobile home website or both (Form8) a landlord must use this form if it terminates a rental contract for non-payment of the rental.