plastic- business cards

Your business card is definitely an integral part of your presentation to clients, customers, vendors, industry peers, and nearly everyone you meet in a professional capacity.  Therefore, you really need to do something to stand out from the crowd, to ensure that you and your product are service are remembered.  Plastic business cards are a great way to achieve these effects.

They have three major advantages over traditional paper and card stock business cards:

Durability – Plastic cards are significantly more durable than their paper counterparts.  They won’t degrade over time, don’t fade, and aren’t destroyed by water.  This makes them particularly good options for those whose business often takes them outside.

Different – One thing is for sure; most people don’t carry plastic cards, and this definitely makes them different.  If you work in a field that has a ton of competition, plastic business cards can help you go that extra mile to stand out from your competitors.

Versatility – Because of the increased durability and the higher likelihood people hang on to them because of the uniqueness, they can serve double duty as customer discount or loyalty cards, or serve other promotional functions.

As you can see, plastic business cards definitely have some advantages over traditional cards.  Give them a closer look.