After the official opt-out, a student must re-register and is subject to the terms of the new registration contract, including the new price and all costs incurred. By signing this agreement, the student declares that he or she accepts everything to say and accepts that it is legally binding on him/her. (If the student is under the age of 18, read the “Parents/Guardians” addendum.) (first per student) I have read, read, understood all the provisions of the registration agreement above and I agree to abide by all the provisions. New Charter University considers education to be a term fee plus a $50 non-refundable technology tax. Students who wish to cancel their registration for the semester are entitled to a percentage of the student refund for the duration corresponding to the week of withdrawal. Technologyfeesareassessedtothestudent`saccountupon enrollmenteachnewterm. This includes access to the ProQuest library, original verification tools, proctorization services and other learning resources. This tax isNON-REFUNDABLE. The termination dates of this registration agreement are 150% of the time normally granted to obtain a similar degree at other American universities where transfer credits are not taken into account. Certificate programs are completed on the basis of the 150% time for the total number of credits required to obtain the certificate part-time from the start of the first semester.

Degree Associate contracts expire for 3 years from the beginning of the first semester of the study. (z.B. 1stterm Launch date 3/2/2018 must be completed by 02.03.2021.) Bachelor`s degree registration contracts expire for 6 years from the beginning of the first semester of the study. (z.B 1stterm Launch date 3/2/2020 is due to be completed by 03.02.2026.) Master`s contracts expire for 3 years from the beginning of the first semester, which is enrolled in the studies. (z.B. MBA in Business 1stterm Launch date 3/2/2020 must be completed by 02.03.2023.) For students who do not subscribe to their program until the termination date indicated in this registration agreement or who have not participated for more than 90 days, the contract is withdrawn administratively and the contract is terminated. Upon return, the student will receive a review of the program and will have to sign a new registration contract after the rescription. Continuous registration: After the first semester, the student is automatically enrolled in his future classes according to the signed curriculum, which includes the number of courses per semester, unless authorized for an official period of absence.

If registration is not continued (including unauthorized absences from the class), this may lead to an administrative withdrawal from the university. To continue the program after this withdrawal, a student would have to apply again for admission and is subject to the requirements in the new registration contract signed at the time of reauthorization and the new program of study, provided there are updates or modifications. Any questions a student may have regarding this registration agreement that have not received a satisfactory response from the institution can be directed to the Utah Division of Consumer Educational Services and services offered under this registration agreement are: Education: New Charter University offers accredited certification and certification programs for students.