The signatories of the Palestinian Authority agree that the types of projects listed below (provided that the projects are limited to declared activities and are not part of a large undertaking) constitute their nature and definition per company having no negative impact on historic real estate (including bridges likely to be included in the NRHP). Therefore, the following measures, in accordance with Section 106, are categorically excluded from the review, provided that the actions do not take place in a constituency classified on the NRHP list and within the framework of the existing right of priority. Qualified MoDOT cultural resource professionals can, if necessary, determine whether a particular project meets the following categories of exceptions: the implementation and implementation of this agreement show that FHWA has delegated certain Section 106 responsibilities to PennDOT and that ACHP has provided a good opportunity to comment on the Federal-Aid Highway Program and its various businesses in Pennsylvania; that FHWA took into account the impact of the program and its individual commitments on historic real estate and that Section 106 of the NHPA and 36 CFR 800 for the program and its individual commitments were met. CONSIDERING that the signatories of the Palestinian Authority have proposed and approved certain amendments in accordance with the S.O. XII and have agreed to amend the Palestinian Authority as part of this amended programming agreement (AP); PennDOT, FHWA and SHPO will meet the following requirements for all projects covered by this modified PaPa. The District PRC may verify and exempt Section 2.A projects that meet the Section 1 criteria but do not meet the additional activity-specific criteria; However, these activities (see below) remain subject to the following conditions. The PRC may also exempt certain bridge replacement or distance projects that meet the section 1 criteria, as well as the additional conditions listed below. For actions corresponding to the categories listed in stipulation IV.A, there is no individual project consultation between Modot and MO SHPO. This PaPA serves as a consensus that there are no negative effects on the aforementioned companies. On the basis of this provision, MoDOT is not required to take additional action for these projects under Section 106. Modot and MO SHPO will consult regular consultations to verify the implementation of the Palestinian Authority`s conditions.