Under the New Zealand-Australia agreement, some drugs may be subsidized, but some services, such as transportation. B of the sick, can be subsidized. Australians can access New Zealand`s public health system in an emergency, but travel insurance is still essential. New Zealand and Australia have a mutual health agreement, which means that Australian travellers have access to New Zealand`s public health services in case of emergency and vice versa. You still have to pay treatment and medication fees (you will be charged the same amount as a New Zealand resident) and it is important to remember that the agreement does not replace travel insurance, which is always a necessity. Don`t forget to take your Medicare card, you need it with your passport to prove your right. We recommend that New Zealanders receive health insurance to cover these expenses prior to their trip to Australia. There are a number of services that are not publicly funded, and these are different from country to country. Since none of the reciprocal agreements offer full coverage, travellers should purchase comprehensive travel insurance, including health insurance. New Zealand and Australia have a mutual health agreement, which means that New Zealand citizens travelling to Australia are entitled to limited subsidized health services for the necessary medical care during a visit to Australia.

The mutual health agreement includes necessary medical treatment. The necessary medical treatment is any illness or injury that occurs while you are in Australia and requires treatment before returning home. A citizen of the United Kingdom (United Kingdom) is entitled to treatment (medicine, hospital and related persons) on the same basis as a New Zealand citizen if he: Yes, Air New Zealand offers travel insurance. Air New Zealand is not currently one of our partners, but you can visit its website at www.insurance.airnewzealand.co.nz for more information or to compare alternative options with Finder. Your Medicare card is not accepted as such, but you can continue to receive medical care through the mutual health agreement.