“I would attribute [heart attacks] to cocaine, Viagra, lack of sleep and illness.” I`ll also start thinking earlier about my agreement with him to get by like a normal guy. He saw 58 people shredded by bullets. And it him off. Ping! It`s a text from the publicist. I no longer need to sign the agreement – as long as I interview Bilzerian in his driveway. 5 PAYMENT – FEES 5.1 The customer pays by credit card the costs of any advertising campaign purchased through the Service. 5.2 The customer acknowledges and accepts that DanAds does not store your credit card data. All credit card data is backed up by a third party named Adyen www.adyen.com/ payment by credit card 5.3. In DanAds, the site will directly incriminate the credit card if the customer pays for the advertising campaign. 5.4 If an advertising campaign is cancelled by the website, third party or DanAds website, a refund is refunded to the customer.

The refund is based on the number of impressions left for the reserved ad campaign period. 5.5 In the event that an advertising campaign has underestimated the customer`s impressions, a refund will be paid to the customer. The refund is based on the number of impressions left for the reserved ad campaign period. 5.6 The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the website, third-party website or DanAds must be free of all refunds, claims, damages, expenses, expenses and costs (including reasonable legal fees) related to the lack of delivery of the advertising campaign. Under no circumstances is the customer responsible for non-delivery, delay or anything similar in advertising campaigns, etc., on the website, on the third-party website or on DanAds. For clarity, this includes all claims related to the loss of business opportunities for the customer. On paper, it looked like a dream investment, but what they didn`t see enough was Bilzerian`s lack of business acumen and a clear propensity to use corporate money as his personal piggy bank. And if I`m not brilliant, I think the interview started 10 minutes ago, but I still have to pass over the security booth at the foot of his driveway, where a polite young man with an iPad insists that I sign a non-disclosure agreement before going any further. We`re studying the artistic policy of the two presidential candidates – or the absence of them, says Damon Davis, Kelley Walker has not responded to concerns about his Black Star Press series, which is at the city`s Museum of Contemporary Art.