As previously announced, Johnson Inc. has signed an agreement with Express Scripts Canada to provide this modernized technology for the processing of benefit rights. There is an update on how things will work from March 18, 2018. Thank you for sharing this communication with plan members so they are aware of the transition ahead. The Johnson Staff Health Plan is available to members of sponsored groups who are Canadian residents and who are covered by their national health insurance plan. Some eligibility requirements may apply. The Optimum plan offers a wide range of comprehensive medical and dental benefits, including prescription drugs. The preferred plan offers economic coverage for extended health and prescription drugs. Important note: the benefits described on this site do not constitute a contract.

Details, conditions, conditions, restrictions and exclusions are included in the contract provided by Johnson Inc. The Johnson Personal Health Plan is managed by Johnson Inc. Claims and risks are managed by Green Shield Canada. The content content is intended for information and is not an insurance offer. It is not intended to replace or replace a political treaty. NEW INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR ALL MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. At MARGE, we are pleased to inform you that we provide our family members and family members with any independent “Trip Cancellation Plan” with any relationship or friends. This is not a health plan, it is an additional travel cancellation plan that is either a stand-alone plan or complementing your current plan (recommended for those travelling expensive). This plan includes travel cancellations, unexpected delays, lost luggage and more. It covers each person for 8,000.00. So, thought it would be an enrichment for those who travel, and wish the comfort of making you the travel cancellation as well as know how your health care travels. This can be obtained by contacting Johnson Inc.

at 1-877-989-2600. The price is extremely affordable at about 87.00/year. “Over the past few months, we have worked hard behind the scenes to make this transition to a new modern system, and we are now pleased to be able to launch it. We`ve had some unexpected delays along the way, but here at Johnson, we`re proud to provide the best. If we spend more time implementing, we make sure we provide quality service to our customers,” said President Ken Bennett. We have also attached a new pre-authorization form and fact sheet that will give you more details about the new process, as well as your plan members. Please note that all previous authorizations, which expire between March 18, 2018 and September 29, 2018, have been extended to September 30, 2018.