The treaty is a derivative of the Oslo process. When secret talks between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) were announced in 1993, King Hussein of Jordan felt betrayed. For years, he had secretly met with the Israelis to convey peace; Now he found out that they were secretly meeting with the Palestinians and making a deal without consulting him. The PLO, other Arabs, had not consulted the king either. He was devastated. King Hussein lights Yitzhak Rabin`s cigarette in the royal residence of Aqaba, shortly after the signing of the peace treaty, October 26, 1994 For Jordan, the elimination of an Israeli threat allows to focus on managing regional threats (such as Syria.B) and on internal issues (such as maintaining stability amid the challenges of the monarchy`s legitimacy). B. by the large Palestinian population of the kingdom). In addition to risk reduction, the agreement also helps to promote cooperation towards common regional interests. For Israel, the treaty secures its longest border and greatly expands its strategic depth. Jordan`s stability is important to Israel, as it helps to prevent the establishment of another Palestinian regime or not, which would likely be hostile to it.

With the ratification of the peace treaty, full diplomatic relations were established between Israel and Jordan on 27 November 1994. Since then, relations between Israel and Jordan have continued to evolve. The action of the Jordanian Parliament in August 1995 to end the Arab boycott against Israel, as well as the Amman Regional Economic Conference in November 1995, served as important positive indicators for the future. After the agreements, Israel and Jordan opened their borders. Several crossing points were erected, allowing tourists, businessmen and workers to travel between the two countries. [16] Israeli tourists began to visit Jordan, many to see Petra`s Sela ha`adom (“Red Rock),” a stone-carved city of Nabatae that had fascinated Israelis in the 1950s and 1960s and often led adventurers to visit them in secret. The king also viewed the negotiation process as a religious experiment rather than a diplomatic solution to the passions of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He spoke movingly about the restoration of peace among abraham`s children….