When Advertising with Posters location and message are integrally tied together. With Market research both of these components will be thought through thoroughly. Keep in mind that the purpose of this research is to get these customers to buy from you.

If your market research is adequate, this process will fall into place fairly quickly.  Based on the information you have, design your poster to appeal to the motivating factors behind the purchase.  Good poster design is very different from brochures and other print media.  Although an effective advertising campaign should be consistent and uniformly identifiable, posters convey their message in a unique way.  The image or pictorial should create a mental picture of the desired results by the viewer.  The printed message, informing the viewer of the action necessary to get to the desired result, should be minimal.  No one looks at a poster and takes notes.

Here are the key points to Creating an Effective Poster for your Marketing Campaign:

  • Identify the broad purpose and vital information the poster must convey
  • Hire a professional designer, if possible.
  • Brainstorm potential images and design elements based upon your business name, industry, type of service, type of event (if applicable), location of posters, and target audience interests. Select the two or three catchiest or most unusual graphic ideas and pass them to the designated designer.
  • Sketch possibilities for the poster layout, keeping in mind the locations in which the posters will be placed.
  •  If using graphic elements only, pick a background color or pattern that will resonate with your audience and highlight the poster’s message.
  • Get feedback on the draft design and revise if necessary.

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