9. Prepare the communication of the General Assembly/Ordinary General Assembly for the approval of the member for the appointment of the Director General, depending on what comes first after their appointment. The Companies Act, 2013 defined that such a class of companies (we will discuss later what class of companies) manager in full-time employment have nothing on their power. Therefore, management`s discretion is to know why they are appointed to a company. This agreement to appoint Bharat Business Channel Limited (the “company”) to be appointed as full-time director of Bharat Business Channel Limited (the “company”) will be appointed in Mumbai on October 20, 2012: 1. First appoint the candidate as additional director of the company, if not already appointed director. There is no place where the power and duties of the full-time director are defined, although the company has the freedom to transfer power to the full-time director, depending on the various factors of the company. A full-time director may be appointed for up to five (5) years for a term under the 2013 Corporations Act. The interpretation is that if a company does not fall under the above category or abite, a full-time director is not required to be considered or appointed as a full-time director in such a company. The CEO`s remuneration must be paid in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 197 and schedule V of the 2013 Companies Act and the provisions adopted there. I have already covered compensation in my article:- taxguru.in/company-law/managerial-remuneration-provisions-companies-act-2013.html If a director resigns full time, he can leave the company at any time after a dismissal and justification. The company will take the necessary steps to resign. Stay on our topic, a full-time director who has a particular position in the companies and The Companies Act, 2013 with related rules determines the concept of full-time director.

Let`s be clear. For the appointment of the ceo, the following process:- And if a company does not appoint on time, that company is punished with a penalty of five lakh rupees, and each director and the important manager of the late company will be punished with a penalty of fifty thousand rupees, and if the default persists, with an additional penalty of one thousand rupees per day after the first in which this default persists, but no more than five Rous. 2. Prepare the communication of the Office`s meeting at the same time as the draft resolution to be adopted at the Office meeting. 10. Convening and adopting a regular full-time appointment decision In accordance with section 204 of the Corporations Act, 2013, some companies are required to appoint a full-time director:- The Director of The Mandate is a title given to senior executives of companies and other large organizations. 6. File e-form DIR-12 as well as annexes with the Registrar of Companies regarding the appointment of the full-time director within thirty (30) days. A full-time director is a director who provides his services full-time to the company.

In addition, when appointed director of the company, a full-time employee will take up the position of full-time director. This position is clarified by empty dCA brief No. 2/19/63-PR of 29.06.1964, which provided that a full-time agent of a company also appointed director of the company was in the position of General Manager 11.