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The Real Estate market is flooded with resells, foreclosures and with people desperate to find the perfect house. Accept Print understands the types of demands that a real estate agent faces on a daily basis.


We would like to make marketing your company easier than it has ever been, so you can focus on your clients and focus on making more revenue.

We have added a unique feature on to our website that allows you to choose from a variety of card styles with your companies logo already uploaded. Just simply enter the information that you would like displayed on your cards and choose the format/style that you want your information featured.

If your companies name is not an option on our website, we would be more than happy to add your Real Estate companies name and logo along with different card styles to choose from.


Our business card designs are powerful, captivating, and pleasing to the eye. There is no question that you will expand your real estate business by marketing with these high quality cards.1_1351106015_REMAX-BC-10F

Some other great ways to increase your business is by sending out real estate postcards. We guarantee to make the whole process seamless from your end. You will also find that our prices are extremely competitive, if not unbeatable. Check out our price page to see for yourself.

 Accept Print.com will meet all of your printing needs. We can create flyers, presentation folders, portfolios, brochures, and much, much more. Please contact our Accept Print representatives for further assistance. We strive for customer service excellence.


Networking in Your Neighborhood

Pick up some momentum and start new projects by expanding your network locally. Your local Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start as well as other local business organizations. Don’t forget to get around to all of your neighboring businesses business cards in hand to meet and develop new relationships if you haven’t already done or so or if you don’t already know all of your neighbors.

Networking Locally

Networking Locally

Of course, don’t dismiss the idea of coming up with your own networking event if nothing else around suffices. Simply invite relevant business owners and business managers from the city and surrounding areas for an evening of making new business relationships. The event can easily be held at most businesses or ask to use the venue of someone who will benefit from the mixer for a few hours. They used chairs covers as an affordable way to upscale the event. Have tables out with business cards, brochures and other marketing material and be sure to have ample refreshments. Stick to evenings if it’s during the week or on the weekends for daytime mixers (though your specific industry may have a better suitable time).

Make Networking Fun!

Make Networking Fun!

Have fun with doing business and don’t forget that it’s not just about taking. Give back by making connections between people and companies that you see as great fits for certain projects or collaborations. These people will have you in mind when opportunities for you come up as well!

Do you have business cards ready? We work with important business like Emaar-MGF and its director Shravan Gupta businessman, like to work with custom cards for his business. We have several styles including plastic business cards, die-cut business cards and spot gloss business card styles!

Business Cards Worth Keeping…

Are your business cards worth keeping?

Maybe you need business cards

Is your business card worth keeping?

Is your business card worth keeping?

for a new purpose or you’re looking to update the ones that you have.

Coming up with designs for business cards doesn’t have to be so difficult. You can come up with the concept yourself or design it yourself if you’re familiar with the proper software. You can hire a graphic designer or you can even use our graphic design services (starting at only $29.95 and with a quick 3-day turnaround!).

No matter which route you decide to take, put a focus on quality, professionalism and aesthetics. Look at designs of business card you’ve kept from others and think of the qualities that influenced you to hold on to them (besides relevance and networking of course). Do you remember when you’ve been handed business cards with smudgy-printed ink, lopsided letters, paper that falls apart and looks horrible easily, et al.?

Look to the best for guidance and don’t forget those cards that you tossed within minutes – those are all lessons to be learned!

Promote Your Services with Professional Polish

In today’s world of competition, visibility becomes most significant for success. Small and medium businesses understand how signs can play a key role in getting noticed and displaying the services that they offer. They understand that drawing attention to their business though a sign or banner is very important for the success of the business.  Custom banners can be used effectively as outdoor banners. These banners are extremely durable and weather resistant. Banner printing is done on a material called vinyl. This material can last up to seven years if used and stored correctly.

Custom banners have evolved with time to adapt to the new trends that have revolutionized banner design and printing. This makes them the best choice for advertising businesses like using them during the launch, at restaurants, in shops, etc. The content, design layout, colors and everything is customized as per the need of the customer. The location of these banners also can be changed frequently as per the requirements which serve as a fresh change. This makes Custom banners a very reasonable option for advertising.

AcceptPrint.com offers the  highest quality vinyl banners at an unbeatable price. Have our design team create a customized banner for your business today.


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