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We understand that many businesses face several financial challenges especially at the beginning of the year and that is why we are offering 15% off all print orders to our clients. Check out all the Print Products we offer by visiting the Accept Print website.

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“Take Note” for the Holidays



With the holiday season coming up, your customers are going to be looking for ways to promote their business, thank employees, and reach out to customers. When they order their print, be sure to mention memo pads as a great addition to their holiday order.


How can your customers use Note pads during the holiday season?


Fun For The Holidays

Note pads might not seem like a “fun” item when you consider their more traditional uses, but if your customers get a little creative they become a delightful addition to the holiday season.


Letters to Santa are one fun use that is ideal for your customers who work with children and families during the holiday season. Especially for restaurants or toy stores, a letter to Santa is a charming way to bring families into the store even when a store Santa won’t be present. Simply add a holiday-themed border to a lined paper design. Your customer can even use a fill-in-the-blank format to make the letters even easier for small children to write.


Santa isn’t the only one who should be receiving holiday messages, though. Note pads are an excellent addition to a custom Christmas card order. With personalized style, the Note pad sheets are ideal for notes in greeting cards or gifts. Add lines to make writing easier, or pre-print the pad with “handwritten” messages that save time but still add a handmade touch to the cards.


And all of these holiday ideas come with the added benefit of staying bound to the Note pad until they are needed, meaning your customer will never have to worry about keeping them organized. This means that a wide variety of other fun uses – from coloring sheets to holiday fortune tellers – can be printed on memo pads and stay organized through events, busy workdays, and more.


Traditional and Practical Gifts

Note pads also make excellent gifts during the holiday season. Whether your customer is looking for a fun addition to a gift basket, wants to thank employees with a practical addition to their office workspace, or simply wants a branded gift for top customers that will keep their business top of mind, memo pads deliver usability and style.


So, have your customers “taken note” of Note pads? Or do they still need to be introduced to these practical print pieces? Whether you need to place an order or find more information, you can learn more about memo pads in the Marketing Materials section of our catalog or on our website – you can even order them online!


Accept Print offers Full Color Note pads in various sizes and paper stocks.

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