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Ultra Thick 48pt Silk Business Cards







One of the hottest new trends for a Business Card is the Ultra Thick……

 48 pt silk business cards. It is  significantly heavier than a normal card and with a different finish, this card definitely communicates gravitas, and a certain inspired style to those looking to impress.

The weight of the card is the first thing most people will notice.  48pt silk business cards are usually created by marrying together 3 standard 16 pt silk business cards to produce an ultra-heavy, ultra-thick finished product that looks incredibly classy and refined.  Accept Print  is able to create your custom widths Silk Business Card. We offer Super Thick 32pt to Ultra Thick 80pt Silk Business Cards.

All of these thicknesses can be customized with Foil, Spot UV, Embossing. Die-Cut and perforations can also be added to make a multi layered 3-D Silk Business Card.

 Silk finishes are, of course, one of the most popular decorative finishing options available on most card stocks, and 48 pt silk business cards are no exception.  The look is smooth, sleek, and gives off an impression of success that is impossible to mimic.  So if you’re interested in standing out from the crowd, consider doing so with some 48 pt silk business cards from Accept Print.

20 Mil Plastic Business Cards

Now is a great time to try something new. Accept Print is offering 20% off 20 mil Plastic Business Cards this month only.

Having a unique, modern, and cutting edge business card can help make the critical distinction when a potential client is choosing between you and your competition.

As unique business cards go, the impact created by plastic business cards is unparalleled. Plastic Business Cards are fresh and new and are far more vibrant and attractive than traditional paper ones. Coupled with good design, plastic business cards will have people holding on to your card and even sharing it with others, giving your business a bigger opportunity for inquiries and deals from potential clients.

There are several different types of plastic Card Stock to choose from and Accept would like to help you make that decision, so you get the perfect card to represent your company.

Here is a list of our plastic Card Stocks.

  • Solid Stock- 1 Side or Both Sides 20mil


  • Frosted- 1 Side  20mil


  • Clear- 1 Side 20mil


With all of these card stocks we offer special upgrades, such as:

  • Embossed Numbering
  • Lamination
  • Matte Lamination
  • Grainy Texture Finish
  • Scratch Off or Barcode
  • Golden or Silver Background
  • Spot UV Varnish
  • Silver Laser Hot Stamping
  • Foil ( Silver, Gold, Blue, Red)

All of our 20 Mil Plastic Business cards can be ordered in quantities of  500, 1000, and 2500. If you need any assistance please contact our Customer Care team or our design team to ensure that you get the perfect Plastic Business Cards printed for your company.

Check out all of these Plastic Business card examples.


Happy Earth Day! Think Green! Go Green!


The printing industry, like many other industries, is starting to pick up steam in going “Green”. From recycling paper to using soy ink, smart printing companies are starting to realize the benefits of going “Green”.

Here are our top 10 Green Printing Practices:

1. Computerize pre-press operations-    

  •  Eliminates photo chemicals
  • Saves water and energy                                                                                                                    

2. Establish a solvent recycling program

  • Saves material
  • Reduces air pollution

 3. Use alcohol-free printing

  • Improves air quality
  • Improves worker health and safety
  • Reduces chemical use

4. Print on “treeless” and recycled content papers

  • Saves tree, energy, and water
  • Encourages new agricultural development
  • Keeps paper out of the landfill

5. Educate customers on “green printing”

  • Printers produce a “greener” product
  • Helps in pollution prevention, compliance, resource conservation

6. Use low VOC inks

  • Reduces air pollution
  • Improves employee safety

7. Sequence print jobs by ink color

  • Saves ink changes, labor, ink waste

8. Establish inventory control

  • Reduces waste to landfill, saves money

9. Communicate without paper

  • Cuts cost and use of paper and solid waste
  • Saves time, postage, and/or fax costs

10. Use energy efficient equipment

  • Saves energy and money

Accept Print takes every effort to protect our environment around us. We encourage you to follow these 10 Green Printing practices and protect our natural resources as well. These practices are beneficial for the environment and beneficial for your company.

Stand Out from the Rest with Inline Foil Business Cards


If you’re trying to find a look that will really set you apart from your competitors in terms of business card presentation, you should take a look at Inline Foil Business Cards.  Adding foil to the business card opens up a whole variety of creative design opportunities that simply aren’t available when you are limited to ink on paper.  Inline Foil business cards have 3 big benefits over traditional business cards:

  • That Stand Out Look – Inline Foil business cards just have a certain visual pop to them.  Studies show that people are much more likely to keep cards that are visually interesting and appealing, making them a great choice.
  • Reasonable Cost – Inline Foil business cards won’t break your wallet.  While they aren’t as cheap as plain cards, they also aren’t as expensive as some of the crazier options that are available.
  • Impression of Quality – When you spend on extras like foil business cards, you really communicate an impression of quality to people you interact with.

As you can see, Inline Foil business cards are a great choice for the savvy business person who wants to make an impression, but doesn’t want to pay through the nose to do so.  Check with Accept Print about Inline foil business cards today.

The 411 on Silk Business Cards

downloadMaintaining and grooming your personal appearance in the business world is important.  This means looking great and presenting well are things you should really pay attention to; after all, you only leave first impressions once.

That’s why investing in something a little out of the ordinary, such as silk business cards, can really pay off in the long run.  They will help you take your personal networking to the next level through the elegance of their presentation; people realize “Silk Business Cards” just look great.

images (2)Another big advantage of Silk Business Cards is that only higher quality, heavier paper stock is suitable for use with the laminating process.  As everyone knows, heavier weights give off an impression of higher class, but most people forget to adjust the weight of the stock they typically order.  You won’t be able to do that when you order silk business cards, so you’ll always receive cards printed on fine, heavy stock.

images (1)This weight, combined with the silky smooth feel and luxurious appearance of the card are guaranteed to make favorable impressions on people.  Few alternatives offer the arresting appearance of silk business cards without being extremely expensive.

So if it’s time to order new cards, take a look at silk business cards; you’ll be thankful you did.

If you like Silk Business Cards, you may also like Silk Postcards and Silk Greeting cards. Our staff are always available to assist you with any questions and with helping you place an order. You can contact a Customer Care Representative at 1.866.978.1588 or through live chat. We look forward to helping you and appreciate your business.

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