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If you are a real estate broker or agent in the market you may be wondering how do I separate myself from the thousands of others?

With this being said it is extremely important for you to stand out from your peers.

A professionally printed brochure can go a long way in promoting your real estate business.  A few tips that can be used are as follows.

1)   Full Contact Information – Make sure you have all your contact details printed out within this brochure. Include your very own website etc.

2)   Call to action – Make sure your potential clients who are reading this brochure have a reason to call you!

3)   Pictures – Use a lot of pictures in your brochure. If a particular house has a waterfront view. Make sure you take waterfront pictures and include these.

When printing out your next set of brochures make sure you do some research and choose a good printing service provider. These brochures should be printed out on a heavier premium quality paper stock.

Again when you have many other agents in your business, this is one of the many important factors that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Accept Print offers a few different types of brochures to choose from – that are available in a wide range of size specs.

We also have a Graphic Design team available to create your Brochure.

Contact Customer Service via Live Chat, email, or by phone Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time for any questions or assistance.

Discount Tri-Fold Brochures and Flat Flyers

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What can brochures do for you?

Brochures hold plenty of power when it comes to driving sales. Having brochures handy on sales professionals in the company or even having them readily available at such easy to access points as cash wraps gives customers the opportunity to take them home and look over your products and services at their leisure.

Imagine some of the possible scenarios…

  • You sell products or services that are of the big ticket variety. It’s best for clients to have something to go over on their own time at home to review all specs, features and price options.
  • A customer enters your place of business for the first time just to take a quick look as they’re in a hurry. Now they have something to look over for later.
  • Does your company offer different products online or by special order? The brochure is a great tool to show what options may be specially-ordered to arrive in store.
  • Restaurants offering delivery services, salons with long lists of treatments that work via appointment, interior design firms… the companies that benefit from brochures may be listed endlessly.

The ability to print a variety of brochure sizes means you can find the best fit for your print purpose.

Rather than shrinking your design and content to fit a small brochure, or filling a too-big brochure with blank space or meaningless filler, our selection of brochure sizes is sure to have exactly what your content calls for.

To start, our brochure and flyer catalog carries three primary brochure finishes; within each of these finish options is a secondary selection of brochure sizes. Ultimately, you’re sure to find the exact brochure for your unique needs.

We offer 3 Different Brochure Stocks to choose from and 5 Different Brochure Sizes. We also offer Flat Flyers, which is a very easy way to promote your business. They are printed Flat on a Full Color Stock.

We offer Graphic Design Services to all clients. Our Team of Graphic Designers are available to assist you in creating the perfect brochure. images (2)

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