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15% Off All Print Orders


In celebration of the holiday season and the new year we are offering 15% off on all print orders. This discount is available on all our print products no matter the quantity including menu covers. Our main goal with this offer is to give our clients the opportunity to enjoy our high-quality printing services at reduced prices so they can kick off the new year right!

We understand that many businesses face several financial challenges especially at the beginning of the year and that is why we are offering 15% off all print orders to our clients. Check out all the Print Products we offer by visiting the Accept Print website.

Place your order between January 1st and 31st 2018 to save on all print products. Simply include promotional code HNY2018 when checking out.

Please contact us if you need assistance with your artwork design. Our designer team can create a new Logo, and a new look for this new year.

The 5 Types of Marketing Analysis


Accept Print understands that marketing your business in this web business based world takes a great website that reaches your desired audience. Our web programmers can build that website for you.

Here is five marketing groups that you can derive a marketing analysis from. The information from these five marketing groups can be combined in different types of analysis. A marketer’s goal is to collect meaningful information within each of these types of information as possible. Marketing technology, business intelligence technology or data scientists then combine and use this information to perform analysis.


  • Explicit Information– information the consumer has specifically provided, such as their email address, phone number, name, date of birth or other information solicited through direct (although sometimes creative) methods.
  • Implicit Information– things that can be inferred about the consumer based upon other information (of different types) gathered, such as their propensity to buy or product of interest. Implicit information is often confirmed through the use of explicit methods.
  • Derived Information– what can be determined to be factual based upon other information provided, such as calculating age based upon date of birth or determining products of interest by combining explicit information with social and behavioral information to derive an appropriate list of products for a specific consumer.
  • Social Information– reveals the relationship between the consumer and other consumers, their interests, activities and hobbies, the locations at which these occur, and often the nature of their relationships, such as peer-to-peer or consumer-to-influences.
  • Behavioral Information– the factual activities in which a consumer engages, such as the websites they visit, the terms they search, the links they click on, the position and duration of their mouse on the page or those activities which occur in the physical world, places they visit and what stores they frequently shop at.

Take all of the information necessary to market your company to your targeted audience.

Accept Print builds websites that market to the targeted consumer. The website is complete in 30 days or less. The client works with the web programmer to achieve the perfect website. All websites are formatted to fit different screen sizes such as a mobile phone or tablet. This is a very important feature to have by today’s standards as 70% of people now browse the internet with their mobile devices. In addition, Google now penalizes search engine rankings for not having a mobile friendly site. Contact Accept Print and have our web programmers build your new website.

“Take Note” for the Holidays



With the holiday season coming up, your customers are going to be looking for ways to promote their business, thank employees, and reach out to customers. When they order their print, be sure to mention memo pads as a great addition to their holiday order.


How can your customers use Note pads during the holiday season?


Fun For The Holidays

Note pads might not seem like a “fun” item when you consider their more traditional uses, but if your customers get a little creative they become a delightful addition to the holiday season.


Letters to Santa are one fun use that is ideal for your customers who work with children and families during the holiday season. Especially for restaurants or toy stores, a letter to Santa is a charming way to bring families into the store even when a store Santa won’t be present. Simply add a holiday-themed border to a lined paper design. Your customer can even use a fill-in-the-blank format to make the letters even easier for small children to write.


Santa isn’t the only one who should be receiving holiday messages, though. Note pads are an excellent addition to a custom Christmas card order. With personalized style, the Note pad sheets are ideal for notes in greeting cards or gifts. Add lines to make writing easier, or pre-print the pad with “handwritten” messages that save time but still add a handmade touch to the cards.


And all of these holiday ideas come with the added benefit of staying bound to the Note pad until they are needed, meaning your customer will never have to worry about keeping them organized. This means that a wide variety of other fun uses – from coloring sheets to holiday fortune tellers – can be printed on memo pads and stay organized through events, busy workdays, and more.


Traditional and Practical Gifts

Note pads also make excellent gifts during the holiday season. Whether your customer is looking for a fun addition to a gift basket, wants to thank employees with a practical addition to their office workspace, or simply wants a branded gift for top customers that will keep their business top of mind, memo pads deliver usability and style.


So, have your customers “taken note” of Note pads? Or do they still need to be introduced to these practical print pieces? Whether you need to place an order or find more information, you can learn more about memo pads in the Marketing Materials section of our catalog or on our website – you can even order them online!


Accept Print offers Full Color Note pads in various sizes and paper stocks.

Tools an Agent Needs in the Real Estate Market

Networking Locally

Networking Locally

Despite the fact that marketers have a wealth of demographic data available about potential home buyers, the real estate industry has long lagged behind other industries in the realm of targeted marketing.

One way to be successful in today’s real estate market is to tone in to a targeted market and make use all of your marketing tools.

All of these marketing tools will be necessary when you are marketing yourself and your houses. Visit to find office materials like white boards, cork boards and more.

Here are a couple a suggestions for marketing your real estate inventory:

  • Host a special event at a home you have for sale. This will provide a way to show off the entertaining space, and give potential buyers a way to view the home in a more relaxed setting.
  • Market not just the real estate but the lifestyle that they will have when moving into a home. In today’s world people buy lifestyles, not just the product. This is a technique that is designed to project a lifestyle your client cannot live without.

AcceptPrint can design and print flyers, business cards, thank you letters, folders, portfolio sheets and whatever else a Real Estate Agent might need. We also offer a one of a kind ordering system just for Realtors/Brokers. Check out our new ordering system: This is a simple three step process.  With this program you can choose from four of the top firms we have templates already made for or you can add your Realty group and upload your own templates or we can create templates for you. Next you will input your information onto the card. Lastly you will checkout. Your order will immediately be put into production. It’s that easy. So, give it  try.

For great ideas you can view our inspiration board on Pinterest. You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter Campaign for the hot trends, the latest news, and coupons.

Accept Print Website Programmers


Any online business understands the importance of continually updating and refreshing their website. A perfect website is never built over night. It is always work in progress day by day. It is vital that the client or customer can navigate through the website with ease. It is equally important for the company website users to be officiant in what they are doing.

We would like to help your company with all of their programming needs. We now offer web programming for all of our clients.

We have an amazing team of programmers that are ready to help your business go to the next level. You can contact one of our representatives with any questions you have. The process is very quick and easy for you. Give our programmers an opportunity to amaze you.

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