4 Useful Ways to Use Business Flyers

Business Flyers have been the workhorse of the print communications world for a very long time. They are fairly simple to create, cheap to produce, and you can design a flyer around nearly any marketing objective imaginable. There are countless ways that you can use them, here are just a few ideas that you may find useful…


  • Product Flyers are always useful and very easy to create. On a product flyer you would have a picture of the product, or maybe even a diagram, along with the key benefits and features and benefits. It’s one of the most common flyer designs for a reason – it works!
  • Special Offer Flyers be used to promote a specific event; such as a sale, limited time offer, free trial, etc… These can be easily distributed through a variety of channels. You can send them out to a targeted list via direct mail, give them out at cash registers, or maybe even hand them out to clients during sales meetings. Special offers have always been one of the best ways to generate business. Create value for the customer and they will come.
  • Testimonial Flyers can be used on their own or in conjunction with other business flyer strategies. Here you would focus on a particular product or service and then support it with customers who have enjoyed that product or service. This strategy can also be used on an informational brochure or even website content.
  • Direct Response Flyers are another strategy that can be used. These are a hallmark of direct mailing marketing which gets its name from the intended goal. These business flyers are designed to get a response from the recipients, such as a phone call, email, or a visit to a particular website. The key here is to issue a strong promise of value to the reader. If the direct response flyer offers value, results can be staggering.

The sky is the limit with business flyers, and that’s one of the greatest things about them – they’re incredibly versatile. If you need Business Flyers created for your Company, our expert design team can create them for you. We Print High Quality Full Color Discount Flyers in a variety of sizes, paper thicknesses, and paper finishes. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Flyer options or if you need assistance with placing an order.

Tools an Agent Needs in the Real Estate Market

Networking Locally

Networking Locally

Despite the fact that marketers have a wealth of demographic data available about potential home buyers, the real estate industry has long lagged behind other industries in the realm of targeted marketing.

One way to be successful in today’s real estate market is to tone in to a targeted market and make use all of your marketing tools.

All of these marketing tools will be necessary when you are marketing yourself and your houses. Visit to find office materials like white boards, cork boards and more.

Here are a couple a suggestions for marketing your real estate inventory:

  • Host a special event at a home you have for sale. This will provide a way to show off the entertaining space, and give potential buyers a way to view the home in a more relaxed setting.
  • Market not just the real estate but the lifestyle that they will have when moving into a home. In today’s world people buy lifestyles, not just the product. This is a technique that is designed to project a lifestyle your client cannot live without.

AcceptPrint can design and print flyers, business cards, thank you letters, folders, portfolio sheets and whatever else a Real Estate Agent might need. We also offer a one of a kind ordering system just for Realtors/Brokers. Check out our new ordering system: This is a simple three step process.  With this program you can choose from four of the top firms we have templates already made for or you can add your Realty group and upload your own templates or we can create templates for you. Next you will input your information onto the card. Lastly you will checkout. Your order will immediately be put into production. It’s that easy. So, give it  try.

For great ideas you can view our inspiration board on Pinterest. You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter Campaign for the hot trends, the latest news, and coupons.

Does your Business Card need more Zing?


Do you want a Business Card that leaves a lasting impression, but is cost effective as well?

Well, here are some ways to create a Business card that will be unique and impressive.

#1:  Rounded Corners- Having all or some of the corners on your business card rounded can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your cards.

#2:  Magnets-Making magnets out of your business cards are a way to create a useful product with your contact information. And they are more likely to be stuck on the fridge and less likely to be tossed in the trash.

#3:  Folded Cards- Folded cards let you stand them up like a table tent on an exhibit or display, and you can make them mini brochures with additional information about your company or services.

#4: Mini Cards- Mini cards are business cards that are smaller than the standard size. This can make the cards stand out, yet those receiving them can still stick them in their pocket or stack them with other business cards.

#5: Die Cut- Business cards in a different shape can be especially memorable. You can try something as simple as a circular card or create a custom shape.

#6: Rip Cards- Rip cards are traditionally used as door hangers or rack cards with a tear-off piece at the bottom that can be a coupon or business card. But you can create your own rip cards in business card size. Use it for a tear-off basic HTML cheat sheet, a hex code color table, or even a list of resource sites for your clients. You can do this by using the back of your cards, too.

#7: Plastic- For a stand-out card, try a clear plastic design. Not only are they creative and different than most other cards, but they are extremely durable.

#8: Recycled- Recycled cards are a great way to lessen your carbon footprint while creating a unique image for your business. There are a lot of options out there from recycled paper, to soy-based ink, to reused paper and materials.

There are so many ways to create a card that will leave a lasting impression.

Our Accept Print representatives are always available to help you in the decision process.

You can view our Facebook and Twitter Campaign for some helpful tips and coupon codes and get some great business card ideas from AcceptPrint’s Pinterest page.

Real Estate Broker/Agent Brochures

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If you are a real estate broker or agent in the market you may be wondering how do I separate myself from the thousands of others?

With this being said it is extremely important for you to stand out from your peers.

A professionally printed brochure can go a long way in promoting your real estate business.  A few tips that can be used are as follows.

1)   Full Contact Information – Make sure you have all your contact details printed out within this brochure. Include your very own website etc.

2)   Call to action – Make sure your potential clients who are reading this brochure have a reason to call you!

3)   Pictures – Use a lot of pictures in your brochure. If a particular house has a waterfront view. Make sure you take waterfront pictures and include these.

When printing out your next set of brochures make sure you do some research and choose a good printing service provider. These brochures should be printed out on a heavier premium quality paper stock.

Again when you have many other agents in your business, this is one of the many important factors that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Accept Print offers a few different types of brochures to choose from – that are available in a wide range of size specs.

We also have a Graphic Design team available to create your Brochure.

Contact Customer Service via Live Chat, email, or by phone Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time for any questions or assistance.

Discount Tri-Fold Brochures and Flat Flyers

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What can brochures do for you?

Brochures hold plenty of power when it comes to driving sales. Having brochures handy on sales professionals in the company or even having them readily available at such easy to access points as cash wraps gives customers the opportunity to take them home and look over your products and services at their leisure.

Imagine some of the possible scenarios…

  • You sell products or services that are of the big ticket variety. It’s best for clients to have something to go over on their own time at home to review all specs, features and price options.
  • A customer enters your place of business for the first time just to take a quick look as they’re in a hurry. Now they have something to look over for later.
  • Does your company offer different products online or by special order? The brochure is a great tool to show what options may be specially-ordered to arrive in store.
  • Restaurants offering delivery services, salons with long lists of treatments that work via appointment, interior design firms… the companies that benefit from brochures may be listed endlessly.

The ability to print a variety of brochure sizes means you can find the best fit for your print purpose.

Rather than shrinking your design and content to fit a small brochure, or filling a too-big brochure with blank space or meaningless filler, our selection of brochure sizes is sure to have exactly what your content calls for.

To start, our brochure and flyer catalog carries three primary brochure finishes; within each of these finish options is a secondary selection of brochure sizes. Ultimately, you’re sure to find the exact brochure for your unique needs.

We offer 3 Different Brochure Stocks to choose from and 5 Different Brochure Sizes. We also offer Flat Flyers, which is a very easy way to promote your business. They are printed Flat on a Full Color Stock.

We offer Graphic Design Services to all clients. Our Team of Graphic Designers are available to assist you in creating the perfect brochure. images (2)

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