100lb Linen Business Cards


Incredibly Stylish Linen Business Cards

Go beyond wearing linen this summer and try out linen business cards for you or your firm! Linen business cards are attractive, stylish and high quality business cards that come with a wide range of full color printing options.


Linen is a classic for business cards just as it is for dress because it’s hard to go wrong with such a visually-appealing and versatile model.

What will you print on your linen business cards?

Does your Business Card need more Zing?


Do you want a Business Card that leaves a lasting impression, but is cost effective as well?

Well, here are some ways to create a Business card that will be unique and impressive.

#1:  Rounded Corners- Having all or some of the corners on your business card rounded can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your cards.

#2:  Magnets-Making magnets out of your business cards are a way to create a useful product with your contact information. And they are more likely to be stuck on the fridge and less likely to be tossed in the trash.

#3:  Folded Cards- Folded cards let you stand them up like a table tent on an exhibit or display, and you can make them mini brochures with additional information about your company or services.

#4: Mini Cards- Mini cards are business cards that are smaller than the standard size. This can make the cards stand out, yet those receiving them can still stick them in their pocket or stack them with other business cards.

#5: Die Cut- Business cards in a different shape can be especially memorable. You can try something as simple as a circular card or create a custom shape.

#6: Rip Cards- Rip cards are traditionally used as door hangers or rack cards with a tear-off piece at the bottom that can be a coupon or business card. But you can create your own rip cards in business card size. Use it for a tear-off basic HTML cheat sheet, a hex code color table, or even a list of resource sites for your clients. You can do this by using the back of your cards, too.

#7: Plastic- For a stand-out card, try a clear plastic design. Not only are they creative and different than most other cards, but they are extremely durable.

#8: Recycled- Recycled cards are a great way to lessen your carbon footprint while creating a unique image for your business. There are a lot of options out there from recycled paper, to soy-based ink, to reused paper and materials.

There are so many ways to create a card that will leave a lasting impression.

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Linen Business Cards

Linen Business Cards Are Always Seasonal

Summer has arrived but linen isn’t only a great material for clothing. Linen business cards are just as stylish but they are never go out of season!

Linen Business Cards

Linen business cards are durable, attractive and versatile business cards that allow for seemingly endless customization options, colors and designs. Why not try the classic look and terrific texture of linen business cards for your next reorder?

High Gloss Business Cards

What Do Your Business Cards Say About Your Company?

Have you ever thought about what your business cards say about your company? What message do your cards convey? In order to have a solid brand that customers and clients can rely on, it’s necessary to spread a consistent message.

Your brand message can be relayed via your business cards with thoughtful design, color choice, fonts, your company logo and even extras such as your company’s motto or slogan and photos of your business or products. Once you’ve made sure the design is consistent with your company’s image and goals, you can prepare to have great business cards printed!

High Gloss Business Cards

The choices for business cards are numerous so you’ll have plenty of options like linen business cards, high gloss business cards, thick business cards, rounded corner business cards and more!

Linen Business Cards

Linen Business Cards

Linen is a wonderful fabric that has been hugely popular for its quality for ages. It was even used as currency at times in ancient Egypt! One great example of the great use of this material are linen business cards. Linen business cards boast great looks, great textures and superb quality. This material provides a wonderful surface to show off quality inks and to show a great level of professionalism.

Linen Business Cards

Linen business cards are classic business card types that are always in fashion.

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