Arbitration: If the parties must use an independent arbitrator in the event of a dispute over the terms of the agreement. (To avoid effort and time by going around the courts.) Statements of Account z.B., a quarterly statement from the gallery to the artist who associates with – My most recent article for artists who want to ensure the representation of art galleries brings me to another important question. How do you proceed when a gallery is interested in selling your artworks? The gallery/artist relationship can sometimes be a pretty loose affair based on little more than a handshake agreement. I think it is wise to find an art gallery contract. Let`s look at the following story: I am, as you may have predicted, the artist of this story. It took place in 2001. To this day, I don`t know what happened to five of my photos in this gallery. Many other artists have also lost paintings. Some have lost dozens. Were they sold? Did I give you away? Don`t you do that? flock? preamble: names and addresses, description of their company (for example. B “artist”; Limited partnership).

Sending: which works are part of the contract and are therefore shipped to the gallery for exhibition and sale. (There are basically two types of work: some existing works that should be listed; all or a selection of future works.) The use of written gallery agreements is strong, especially for a gallery with a large turnover and shows. Such a large gallery owner from West End London said that without clear written evidence of agreements with artists and buyers and regular written explanations to the artists, the commercial efficiency of the gallery would be seriously compromised and sales, shows and therefore profits and livelihoods would be lost or wasted: and this is not in the best interest of the gallery or artist. The artists – grateful for having proposed a “gallery deal” – are naturally hesitant to ask for the use of a written agreement during the negotiations, as this could jeopardize their chances. I appreciate your comment, John. I am grateful for the trusted gallery owners I have worked with! Thank you for your insight, David. I was also “stiff” by a gallery in New Mexico, but I was finally able to get the money they owed me. You are right that a treaty may not provide adequate protection per se without other resources. But it at least prompts both sides to discuss things upstream. Duration of agreement: if the parties can terminate the agreement.

(Usually by one of the parties that cancel the other 30 days in writing or 90 days after a one-on-one exhibition in the gallery premises.) Remember that your relationship with each gallery as an artist is a partnership. You and the gallery should be responsible for the proper functioning of the relationship. Do everything you can for yourself and your artworks with an art gallery contract. The WFH Residency was a $1,000 reward to help artists during the covid-19/coronavirus pandemic. The deadline for the last tour of the residence expired on July 1, 2020 at 10 a.m. This slideshow requires… Continue to read WFH Residency I would like to counter that a written contract, executed to commemorate and the agreement and details of this agreement must be present. People should not be wary of a document that has been developed with respect and in a spirit of protection on both sides.

A written agreement does not mean that the parties do not trust each other. On the contrary, they are usually written out of respect for the relationship. Thank you for your opinion, Stephen. I`m glad you 200, 000 got lucky with your galleries. The advice that I think we should draw from your comment is to ensure that there is trust between the artist and the gallery. That`s a good point. No matter how long you showed up with the galleries or whether they use contracts or not. I`m sure there are success stories and horror stories in both directions.