14. Changes and mergers. Everything related to it must be submitted in writing. This agreement involves all the understanding of the parties. 9. Resignation. This agreement can be terminated by both parties by communicating a written notice to the other party on the day of the day. If, at the end of the notice period, the artist receives orders from clients initially received by the agent during the duration of this contract, the commission referred to in paragraph 4, point A, is paid to the agent in the following circumstances. If the agent has represented the artist for six months or less, the agent receives a commission on the orders the artist received within days of the termination date. This period is increased by an additional day for each six-month period during which the agent has represented the artist, but under no circumstances should this period exceed – An artist and an agent could, however, share a professional and trusting relationship, it is important to define their working conditions in an agreement. This agreement is called the artist-agency agreement. 13. Independent contractor status.

Both parties agree that the agent acts as an independent contractor. This agreement is not an employment contract, it does not constitute a joint venture or a partnership between the artist and the agent. The artist is a well-established artist with proven talents. and if you have other legal requirements, check out our full list of customizable service agreements for each sector. Other names for this document: artist agent contract, artist-representative contract The artist-agent market also lists advertising campaign services, client acquisition, services in addition to the agent`s obligations, agent identity in decision-making and representation on behalf of the artist, legislation and jurisdiction, and confidentiality and termination clause. 3. Term. This agreement comes into force on the date of the (month) and remains fully valid for a period of one year, unless it ends in accordance with paragraph 9.

4. Commissions. The agent is entitled to the following commissions; (A) In the case of assignments provided by the agent during the duration of this contract, the percentage of the billing . (B) On the accounts of the house, per cent of the settlement. For the purposes of this Agreement, home accounts are defined as accounts that the artist receives at any time or receives from another agent representing the artist prior to the commencement of this Agreement and contained in the calendar (A) attached to this Agreement. Both parties understand that for orders refused by the artist or for which the artist receives no payment, regardless of why the payment is not made, no commission is paid.