Make it easier to introduce the agency to the requirements of working in the company in order to better understand the requirements and offer the best service. After the selection of candidates, the company must pay an amount, as agreed below and mentioned above, based on the level of education. For junior levels, for senior levels and for guidance or head levels. PandaTip: This is the most important clause of this agreement on the recruitment strategy, and it is the most likely to be challenged, so it is important to design it very clearly. Is the headhunter paid a fixed fee or a percentage? Or maybe he has elements of both? Are the costs of the recruiter (or part of the recruiter) contingent on the candidate remaining in the role for a period of time? Should the payment be paid to the headhunter, even if no candidate is found? We take examples: $10,000 ($10,000) to Sign On; 15% of the candidate`s annual salary for Sign On; The sum of $5,000 ($5,000) to be paid at the signing of this agreement and 20% of the annual salary of the candidate for Sign On; $10,000 ($10,000) to Sign On and 20% of the candidate`s salary once they have spent six months working with the company. 7.1 The relationship between (company name) and xxxx is that of independent contractors. Staff of both parties are neither representatives nor employees of the other party for federal or other tax purposes and are not entitled to the other party`s benefits. 7.8 This agreement, all the timetables and other agreements referred to or to be concluded by the parties under this contract, constitutes the whole agreement and agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and merges all prior discussions between them and replaces any other agreements or agreements that could have been reached between the parties to the extent that such an agreement or agreement deals with the provision of services (name of the company). (Company name) acknowledges that it did not reasonably rely on any other insurance or statement that is not included in this Agreement or that was made by a person or organization other than xxxx. To the extent that the terms of (company name) s or other correspondence may be inconsistent with this agreement, this contract is more controlling. 3.1 (company name) is responsible for all service charges indicated in the applicable (s) statement of work (and, if applicable, change) of the way these services are provided.

The proposed agreement is considered to have been valid by the inability or delay of one of the parties to apply a clause in this agreement or to act in the event of a breach of a clause does not constitute a waiver of its rights, expressly with the exception of these rights in paragraph 6.3.