The 16-Point Postcards can be ordered with a Glossy Finish on one side and an uncoated finish on the back side. The uncoated side can be used to run through another printer for labeling or customization if needed. Postcards are also printed with coating on one side so the uncoated side can be easily addressed by hand or desktop printers.

Because the front is glossy and the back is not, keep in mind that the back side of your Postcards will not completely match the front side in regards to brightness and ink saturation.  You can also select a Hi-Gloss UV Coating for the front of the card to provide vibrancy and pop.

If you are asking yourself ,“What in the heck does 16-Points mean to you?”, you are asking yourself a very good question. It has to do with the thickness of the paper. The number is the measure of the “caliper”.

CALIPER: The thickness of a sheet of paper, usually expressed in thousandths of an inch (points of mils). Example: .016” thickness = 16 pt. Caliper.

If you have any questions with design of your Postcard or would like to get more information on our Mailing EDDM (Everyday Direct Mail) please contact us at info@acceptprint.com or 1.866.978.1588.

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