The salary or salary range of an organization you may be interested in is indicated in the Notice of Notification of the Vacancy. The ministry`s enterprise agreement set the salary range for each DPS classification. New members of the service are generally recruited at the minimum wage level in the wage sector. The men and women employed by New Zealand MPs work on only precarious contracts, but a new collective agreement, signed today, makes significant improvements to the working conditions of about four hundred parliamentary service employees. The new collective agreement, signed between the parliamentary service, PSA and E t`, redefines “Event” to no longer mean that employees lose their jobs at each election and removes the relationship-sharing clause that gives MPs the opportunity to dismiss as they please. These amendments take effect with the arrival of the 53rd Parliament. “There is no need for an extreme power imbalance between MPs and employees working in their offices. If someone does not have enough rights in the workplace, they make them vulnerable to abuse and intimidation. “The PSA will always fight to ensure that our members receive the respect, dignity and compensation they deserve. We were proud to sign a collective agreement today that will bring tremendous progress to our Members who work in Parliament on all fronts.

The term “event contract” may create images of casual catering staff who have been charged with a concert or wedding, but it actually applies to employees who write speeches for our MPs, organize their public events and support voters on local issues. “I would like to thank PSA and E for their firm cooperation in this agreement and the members of both unions for their ratification. Together, we have achieved an excellent result for our employees – about 400 of whom will be affected. The Public Service Association represents most unionized employees and says this new labour agreement builds on the courage of workers who in recent years have challenged the sometimes toxic culture of Parliament. Roles and pay scales have been amended to adequately compensate experienced workers for their skills and length of service, and a triangular relationship agreement is signed between the parliamentary service, the Member of Parliament and the officer. “It makes sense that the staff recruited to work with a Labour voter do not continue their role when a national MP takes the seat.